Friday, February 24, 2017

Montreal Police Corruption...What Else is New?

SPVM Professionalism...Having sex with drunk girl in cruiser BRAVO!
Back in the day, provincial snow removal contracts were awarded to politically allied firms thus giving birth to "blue" companies and "red" companies with contracts changing hands not based on the lowest bid, but rather based  on affiliations with the government of the day.

While the practice may no longer exist, it does so in the Suréte du Quebec, the provincial police where the chief is routinely replaced when governments change, all this without too much complaint from the media or non-existent watchdog groups.

In fact the Suréte has always been a political organization that not only enforces the law, but represents the interests of the government of the day.
The idea that they have been tasked to investigate the Montreal police over the latest accusations of  misconduct and corruption is patently absurd.
Whatever the investigation reveals, it will go through a political process where behind closed doors, the report will be tailored to the government needs.
It is the very essence of a non-impartial inquiry.

As for the SQ's ability desire to carry out this investigation fairly, nothing could be further from the truth. Do you really believe the SQ is going to take down its sister police force, knowing full well that what goes around, comes around, and that they themselves are just as corrupt as the SPVM?
Let us remember that the Suréte du Quebec has been recently rocked by corruption scandals itself,  and this at the highest levels including a one-time directer. LINK

If this SQ investigation is to proceed, it will no doubt conclude that there are but a few bad apples in the  SPVM, suckers who will be scapegoated and sacrificed with nary a finding of systemic corruption.

By the way back in 2002 the SQ investigated now-convicted ex-Laval mayor Gilles Vaillencourt over corruption allegations and found nothing. Either investigators were complete idiots or they were bought off, or called off by superiors, at the behest of the SQ's political masters.
"A couple of years ago, one of the SQ's investigation on the FTQ went sideways, because someone inside the SQ informed the Charest government of the investigation. And someone inside Charest's circle told the FTQ. All the targets who were under electronic surveillance stopped talking to each other, and the investigation had to be forcibly aborted. The SQ never investigated where the leak came from within the SQ, nor did they investigate who leaked within the PLQ to the FTQ. What they did investigate however, by request of the PLQ, was to find the source of the journalist who revealed all this in the Journal de Montreal" Link 
As for corruption in the Montreal police force, it is a no-brainer. A police force that is unprofessional, undisciplined and racist is surely corrupt.
Now I don't say the above lightly.
First and foremost the clown-costumes that the police wear to protest contract issues says a lot about attitudes in the department.  Disrespecting the uniform is disrespecting themselves and the public they serve. It is as stupid as a petulant child who tells her parents that she will hold her breath until she gets her way. Really?
As for racism, a Black teenager is about seven times as likely as a white teenager of being rousted by the Montreal police. The Black community is the favourite target of the SPVM with officers targeting it without mercy.  Only seven percent of the SPVM is made up of visible minorities, this in a city where 32% of the population is non-white.

Let us consider what the SPVM is accused of, that is of having the Internal Affairs department plant phony evidence on whistle-blowers and drumming them out of the service before any names could be named and embarrassing disclosure aired in public. To this end, the department went so far as to wiretap journalists, in an attempt to find out who of them might be leaking information about corruption. In order to get the warrants to place these wiretaps, it is alleged that the police lied to the judges about the circumstances.
In an internal report meant to tarnish the reputation of one whistle-blower, the Internal Affairs department noted that the target officer was in fact the godfather to the child of a well-known mafiosi, an unacceptable connection. Comically, but sadly it was later revealed that this particular mafiosi didn't even have children!
Such were the set-ups.

But the Internal Affairs department had to be instructed to undertake these attacks at the behest of someone upstairs and this is where the real investigation should go, but likely won't happen.
It is like charging a hit man with murder without ever investigating who hired the shooter.
And by the way that "hit man" is  Costa Labos, who headed the Internal Affairs department and under whose leadership the malfeasance occurred. He has already been demoted and will likely take the fall soon enough for this whole affair. Ironically, he himself will be drummed out.

I watched the investigative television show (J.E) that exposed the scandal over the Internal Affairs department and it was a pretty damning affair.
The current boss of the SPVM, Philippe Pichet wasn't exactly reassuring when asked on that show if his department fabricated evidence.
"Not to my knowledge" was the response  and we all know what that phrase means.

The SPVM is in crisis and the rank and file know it. A petition is circulating within the department with signers demanding changes. It is a serious affair.

I don't often agree with PQ leader Jean-François Lisée but he was bang on when he declared that "The Sureté du Quebec should not be trusted to investigate the Montreal police"
"The PQ is arguing police should not investigate police, and the inquiry should instead be carried out by the Independent Bureau of Investigators, which was mandated to step in on investigations involving police.
Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux, however, said the SQ is perfectly capable of doing the job because they have the expertise required.
He said he believes the provincial police department is independent enough to investigate their Montreal colleagues and that they will use outside expertise from the Crown prosecutor's office and even the RCMP if necessary. 
Coiteux does not to see a possible conflict of interest of having one police force investigate another." Link
Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux is no dummy and he certainly knows right from wrong. Having the SQ investigate the SPVM just plain stinks and he knows it.

For now the government is sticking to its guns that the SQ can investigate the SPVM fairly, but the pressure is mounting. This morning a quick poll revealed that 81% of the public want an independent investigation.
The opposition parties are mounting a furious attack and before long, the government will cave and consign the investigation where it belongs, the Independent Bureau of Investigators.

Look for several cops to take early retirement rather than face the music, but the Montreal police need more than a few retirements or firings to set things right.
The department needs a major shakeup at the middle to higher ranks. And the issue of pressure tactics like clown uniforms needs to be addressed.
Somebody needs to step in to seriously right the ship at the SPVM, but don't count on it. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trudeau's English Apology an Empty Gesture

It may have been a pleasant surprise to see our Prime Minister apologize for insulting the Quebec Anglo community when he answered an English question in French, during a town hall meeting in Sherbrooke, but it is certainly a case of too little too late, reminding us exactly how far English has been thrown into disrespect and disrepute in Quebec.

Apologies like Trudeau's are hard to accept, the mistake so egregious, especially when committed by the leader of a country supposedly dedicated to the principle of bilingualism.
The act of child abuse is even more vile when priests are the perpetrators because the clergy are supposed to protect children, not abuse them.
And that is exactly what Justin Trudeau did when he disrespected English, he abused those he was supposed to protect and like the pedophile priest, apologies cannot right the wrong.

If our Prime Minister is so afraid of offending Quebec language nationalists, where does it leave the rest of us Anglos?
The forty year war waged by Quebec against the English language and its English minority has been ferocious and unremitting, all while Ottawa turned a blind eye to the humiliation and repression.
Trudeau has in fact just carried on the great Ottawa tradition of benign neglect, in a sad policy of appeasement worthy of Neville Chamberlain.

Politicians both federal and provincial and of all political stripes have universally accepted the idea of sacrificing Quebec's English community as a fair price to save the Canadian confederation.
It is hypocritical of the Prime Minister to tell the English community in Quebec that our welfare is of  his concern, because it isn't, we have already been betrayed and sacrificed.

Like the towns invaded by the Nazis, where the residents sent out the Jews in order to save the town from destruction, it's seems like a fair compromise...that is unless you are a Jew.

Yup, through legislation, humiliation, ostracization, English and Anglos have been reduced to a shell, a once proud community sacrificed on the alter of Canadian confederation.

How low has English sunk?
Well if the Montreal Canadiens can't respect English, who will?

Every time I see this sign in the Bell Centre, that first and foremost obeys Quebec's mean-spirited law that requires English to be humiliated, I shake my head.
Has nobody in ten years even noticed that "FOOD FARE" should read "FOOD FAIR"?

Speaking of the Montreal Canadiens, management have been waiting patiently, for almost a year to fire Michel Therrien, because no suitable French-speaking coach was available and so when Claude Julien was fired in Boston, it didn't take more than a few days to make the switch. For the Canadiens it was a better business decision to let the team sink under Therrien than to hire an unilingual Anglo to coach a unilingual English team. This is the real Quebec...
And by the way, Julien was so confident in the Canadiens desperation that he held out for a whooping five year/$25 million dollar contract, ridiculous considering he was making half that in Boston.

And so big box stores are forced to modify their names in order to make French appear more relevant, an insult considering that these stores are a powerful engine for French, requiring manufacturers to bilingualize products and who operate in French with French employees.

The plan has always been to reduce the English presence in Quebec, through intimidation, legislation and coercion. Ottawa hasn't lifted a finger to help Quebec's embattled English community in forty years and Trudeau's feigned concern now is as genuine as a three-dollar bill. 

Our community has been given up by Canada in order to keep Quebec in confederation and no apology will ever change any of that.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Idiots of the Week

Alice Paquet

The fake rape victim is either a hooker, a liar, a cynical feminist manipulator, simpleton or an outright nut job. You will remember that she accused ex-Liberal MP Gerry Sklavounos of raping her.
Her story of going up to his hotel room to discuss politics and getting raped had a minimum level of believably until she told all who would listen that it happened twice!
Yup...she went back up to his hotel room a few weeks  later of her own free volition and claims he raped her again!
After giving several interviews to the Press where she clearly made up facts that were easily disproved, she was given a most deserved pounding in the media. After investigating, the police concluded that the sex was consensual and the investigation into Sklavounos dropped.

Yet Alice Paquet remains a poster girl for the radical anti-rape cabal who see all men as rapists and all women accusers as unassailable.
Paquet gave a speech at an anti-rape culture rally where she stuck to her ludicrous story about her alleged rape, much to the adulation of the faithful including the Quebec Solidarity member of Parliament Manon Massé (another idiot) who told reporters that she had 100% believed the fairy tale spun by Paquet.

Gerry Sklavounos

Maybe Gerry Sklavounos didn't deserve to get kicked out of the Liberal party caucus for doing what so many others do, that is, cheat on their spouse.
But humiliating his wife by making her stand beside him while he was delivering a mea culpa (which turned out to be anything but) was selfish, cynical and inconsiderate.
I don't know what their marriage is like and I don't care, but forcing your wife to stand by your side when you offer a nonsense excuse for having sex with at least one other young women is the height of cruelty.
His fairy-tale excuse about being a misconstrued extrovert as somehow responsible for his penis ending up in the young lady's vagina is straight out of Alice in Wonderland.
His lack of truthfulness is appalling and makes him unfit to  represent constituents.
So his political future is down the toilet and like Martha Stewart, it is the lie and not the underlying event that sunk him. Good riddance.

Denis Coderre

Montreal's populist mayor was at it again this week suggesting that Montreal update its flag "as a tribute to the Aboriginal population and the history of the Montreal region."

As for history, the natives were rather hostile to the Europeans and fought a number of wars and battles against the invaders back in the 1700s known as the Beaver Wars, which included the infamous Lachine Massacre where 1,500 Mohawks attacked the Lachine settlement on the island of Montreal.
Over the centuries the history of natives and Montreal is somewhat inglorious and it should be noted that Montreal area Mohawks from Caughnawaga contributed more to the building of New York City than Montreal.
Montreal area natives worked mostly in the fur trade and timber industry all outside city limits.

The Montreal flag depicts the four nations that were the real builders of Montreal and to add a native element is to re-write history in the tradition of the newest phenomenon of fake news.

The populist mayor wasn't finished, declaring that Montreal is to become a sanctuary city where illegal immigrants can gain some sense of legitimacy. Exactly what that entails, I do not know.
Perhaps Coderre can find these refugees free lodging and where else would be more fitting then Montreal's tony "Le Sanctuaire" condo complex! I'm sure residents would be welcoming and generous.

He also offered to create a "commissioner of indigenous affairs" to help the 25,000 natives who live in Montreal with problems related to housing, homelessness and healthcare and to counter the racism that the community faces.
Of course this intimates that other minority communities in Montreal, like the 147,000 strong Black community don't warrant their own special representation because they face no discrimination in housing, employment or police profiling.


Melanie Joly

Melanie Joly the rookie Minister of Heritage was brooking no discussion when she refused to tolerate any changes to a Parliamentary motion that condemned Islamophobia.

Many Conservatives took issue that only Islam was cited as a target of racism and offered a compromise proposition;
“condemn all forms of systemic racism, religious intolerance, and discrimination of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, and other religious communities.”
Joly would have none of that and refused to change one word of the motion claiming that;

"They’re scared of denouncing Islamophobia and, by not denouncing Islamophobia, they are actually contributing to the problem,

So according to her, everyone not supporting her political view is an Islamaphobic.

If you speak French, watch this funny exposé of her by the Quebec satire television show called Infoman, showing her to be the right idiot that she really is. Link {Fr}
Well done, idiot!

Donald Trump

Even if you are the biggest supporter of Donald Trump his news conference had to have you wishing that he'd somehow keep the tone down and the bullshit at a minimum.
In more than an hour of speaking with reporters, the President made somewhat of a fool of himself, much to the amusement of the Press corps which egged him on gleefully.

For the great unwashed, the debacle was water off a duck's back, but for those more astute supporters who backed Trump on the issues, it was as painful to watch as a trip to the dentist.

USA TODAY did a painful deconstruction of the whole fiasco. LINK 

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro

It's always sad when celebrities use their status to promote dangerous junk science.
For those families dealing with autism, finding a definitive explanation of why their child is afflicted is understandable.

But promoting junk science is cruel when families that are affected are given false and unsubstantiated information, information that in this case may have the effect of having parents skip vaccinations based on the sayso of idiots like Kennedy, De Niro and the biggest booster of autism bullshit, Jenny McCarthy.

"Activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and actor Robert De Niro held a major press conference at the National Press Club Wednesday to discuss the correlation between mercury-containing vaccines and childhood autism." LINK

Eugenie Kournikova shows she's a better bimbo than tennis pro  LINK

Woman arrested for allegedly helping kill Kim Jong Nam thought she was taking part in Just for Laughs comedy show  LINK

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bruins' Fans More Passionate than Habs'

It'll take a little time getting used to Julien in Habs attire
It would have been easy to write a blog piece slagging the Canadiens' for choosing another francophone coach but the reality is that hockey is a business and hockey in Montreal demands a French-speaking coach, an essential element in communicating with its unilingual majority base.

It fell to Rejean Tremblay, longtime sportswriter and resident anglo-basher of the Journal de Montreal to put it plainly.
I thought that Michel Therrien would make it through this storm. But his friend Marc Bergevin had the opportunity to get his hands on a high-caliber coach, a francophone and a man who had just worked with Carey Price and Shea Weber at the World Cup and Sochi Olympics."
Claude Julien was a great gift by becoming available. And when Marc Bergevin approached the Boston Bruins on Sunday night or Monday morning for permission to negotiate with Julien, it was over for Michel Therrien.
Happily in Claude Julien the Habs have found somebody that fits that bill to a tee, he is superbly competent and someone with a proven track record and more importantly...speaks French.

Mercifully, the Therrien era is over, with management finally admitting that which was plainly evident for over a year. Clearly the Canadiens were waiting for the 'right' replacement to appear and pounced once Julien became free.

The writing was on the wall for the Canadiens for sometime after their lost last year and although the
Canadiens started the season with a bang, the team started losing it far before injuries took their toll.
I remember attending a family function in New York the night they got bombed by Nashville 10-0, to the astonishment and bewilderment of the guests, of which a large component of the invitees were Montrealers and ex-pat-Montrealers, all Habs fans. It was then I knew the Canadiens were in trouble.
How a team that had such an impressive won/lost record could collapse in a panic so badly was more than just a fluke or one off. It was a question of character and leadership. Losing a game badly happens to every team, but limiting the damage and keeping the score down is what character is about.
In reaction to the shelling Therrien seemed angry and more importantly panicked and lost, like a failing general who freezes in the face of a successful enemy attack.
When he allowed his second string goaltender Al Montoya to dangle in the wind instead of doing the merciful thing by pulling him(something every other coach in the league would do) Therrien displayed a vengeful and cruel streak, something that marked his coaching career, sarcastic remarks and withering stare-downs.

There are two types of teams, those which rise in the face of adversity and those which collapse, Therrien led the latter. Everyone knew Therrien had to go last year in the face of that monumental collapse, one which the complacent media accepted as predicated solely by the injury to Carey Price.
The truth was that Price's replacement, Mike Condon didn't play that badly and could never realistically been made the goat responsible for the whole team's collapse, but the right coach wasn't available and so Bergevin bit his lip, brazened it out and hoped for the best.
How'd that work out?
The fans and the media accepted the inaction on the coaching front all without an uproar, something that shouldn't happen in any hockey town worth its salt. It wouldn't have happened in Boston.

Montreal fans like to think of themselves as the most passionate, knowledgeable and sophisticated followers in the league and to that all I can say is BULLSHIT!!!
Montreal fans are more like parents, who encourage the team's efforts no matter what and whom accept a good effort as good enough.
Not so Bruins fans, who may as a group be smaller, but are every bit as knowledgeable and passionate, and more importantly fiercely competitive and demanding.
The devoted Bruins fans would have eviscerated Therrien long before he had a chance to screw up the team so badly. The outcry in Boston for Julien's firing was based not on competence but results, something the Bruins fans demand.

I like to read the fan boards to get a sense of what the prevailing mood is vis-a-vis the NHL and I promise you the Bruins discussion site is the one I return to time after time for its passion and surprisingly entertainment value.
 HF Boards -Bruins
Here fans agonize in real time as the game progresses and wax eloquent once it is over. The comments are vicious, strange, sarcastic, caustic and always wildly entertaining, especially after a Bruins loss.
Bruins fans demand success, Montreal fans don't.

I cruised this Bruins site to get the reaction of the Boston fans to the Julien signing and was surprised that the usual sarcasm wasn't on display where I expected the someone to comment that the Canadiens were settling for sloppy seconds, but it wasn't the case.
The vast majority of comments were favourable to Julien's coaching ability and most were disappointed that the Habs got a hold of him. The entertaining part were the many comments lambasting the Bruins management for giving permission to Julien to go to Montreal while under contract to the Bruins, in order to save half a year's salary.
The old cheapskate reputation of Bruins management is legendary in Boston.

Montreal does in fact have a very poor fan base, where the city and indeed the province can muster support for but one professional team. The pitiful attendance at the last World Junior Hockey Championship. tournament in Montreal was a testament to that support. Apologist Montreal sportswriter Stu Cowen blamed high ticket prices for the debacle of having just  8,366 show up at the 21,273-seat Bell Centre for the bronze-medal game between Russia and Sweden.
I wonder if the $50 minimum ticket was really the problem and had the price been reduced to $25, would the attendance been double?  I doubt it and at any rate the tournament would not have been ahead revenue-wise. The reality is that Montreal fans are cheap and one-dimensional.

Boston Bruins fans and indeed all Boston fans  shame Montreal in their avid support of professional sports with the Celtics, Reds, Bruins and Patriots all enjoying unlimited success. Montreal can muster support but for one team and for all intents and purposes are basically a sports one-trick pony. The Boston support for four major professional teams comes from a population base that is but 15% higher than Montreal's.

Montreal in fact is a poor city where inhabitants don't have the disposable income to support more than one major professional sports team. The vaunted perennial sold-out Bell Centre for Habs games is more a function of corporate sales, where companies own most of the season tickets and all the private loges. At almost all games the legion of scalpers in front of the Bell Centre is legendary and tickets can be had almost always below cost. Yup... below cost.
Compare that to Boston, Toronto or New York (Rangers)  where I remember paying in the neighbourhood of $US500 for two tickets, 17 rows up, from one of the very few scalpers in front of Madison Square Gardens.
The Canadiens remain a superb form of cheap entertainment for the legions of fans who follow the team on television, a welcome distraction in the dark and frigid winter months, but the success of the ratings speak to the fact that the entertainment is almost free. 

Another myth is how well the Canadiens give back to the community and how avant-guard the team is at innovation.  Not true and Not true.
Like most other NHL teams the Canadiens hold a charity raffle at each home game called the  50/50 (where half the money goes to charity and half to the winning ticket). In some NHL cities a designated charity is the beneficiary of the winnings but in Montreal as in some other NHL cities, the money goes to its own foundation, in this case, the Montreal Canadiens Children's Charity and this to the tune of one million dollars a year. The foundation also raises money through silent auction, golf tournaments and other fundraising events with the money funding projects like outdoor skating rinks in underprivileged  neighbourhoods, where the Canadiens organization gets all the credit and the fans who paid for it, none of the recognition.
A good deal for the Habs and I dare say a more cynical observer than I might consider the foundation a fan-funded marketing instrument.
The charity raises about five million dollars a years but spends almost half on expenses. All the fundraising activities are duly noted on the foundation website, but the actual contribution to the charity by the Canadiens or the ownership group is strangely absent. It seems like in all endeavours that the Habs engage in, it is the fans who pay.
By the way, the average amount wagered each game on the 50/50 is about $50,000 in Montreal and $150,000 in Vancouver. The average pool at an Edmonton Eskimo football game is also in the $125,000 range and a lucky fan once claimed half of a $700,000 pot. 

So how cheap are Montreal fans?
Well count the hats thrown onto the ice after a hat trick.... it is downright sad.

Forget the myth that the Canadiens are special and that their fans the best. The popularity of the Canadians outside the city is more a testament to how many Anglos have fled to scattered North American parts, yet remain a fan to their hometown team.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's Time For PQ to Retire

René Levesque would not be amused at the new PQ
The Parti Quebecois has morphed into that aging film star who hangs around too long, well after his popularity has expired, a has-been forced to scrounge for bit parts. All the Botox and all the face-lifts won't change the fact that an over-the-hill actor who overstays his welcome and is hoping for better times is patently delusional.

Now many have predicted the death of the Parti Quebecois only to have the party regain some electoral strength, confounding the experts and convincing us that the PQ is forever, albeit living through different periods of popularity, ups and downs but forever a fixture in Quebec politics.

But it seems that like the aging actor, time has run out for the PQ and like an over-the-hill diva, the best exit is a dignified retirement.
One only has to look at the pitiful example of the diminished Bloc Quebecois, whose few members prattle around Parliament in Ottawa, excluded, irrelevant and ignored, yet delusionally unaware of their situation, like the boob who leaves the bathroom  trailing a length of toilet paper, a laughingstock who marches on, oblivious to the snickers of the surrounding onlookers.

Jean-Francois Lisée, the latest iteration of PQ leader is telling all who will listen that the party is not the PQ of our grandfathers, it is new and improved, but it is in fact essentially no different from a consumer product that changes it packaging (but not its content) in relation to falling sales.

And so we are being told the PQ is shelving the sovereignty option for at least two terms, with the old PQ stalwart and ex-Premier Bernard Landry opining that perhaps the option should be put off for at least three mandates, which means three terms of PQ government, something not likely to happen at in the foreseeable future.

So toxic is the sovereignty notion that the essence of the PQ is challenged, because if they forgo the sovereignty option as many have suggested, what is left?

First let's get the numbers out of the way.
A CROP poll for La Presse sounding 18-24 year olds found that the PQ had on 16% support and that 69% would vote no in a referendum on sovereignty, a new and catastrophic low.
This is the generation that is going to replace the aging boomers that now make up the bulk of the PQ membership and so the future is grim.
The reality is that conditions over the 40 year history of the PQ have changed so dramatically that Quebecers don't feel overly oppressed and put upon.
The fact is that life is pretty good being a Canadian and the risk of sovereignty just plain not worth it.
It is that simple, there remains no viable road to sovereignty.

Many commentators and indeed members of the PQ itself are openly discussing getting rid of the founding principle of the PQ, that is the holy grail of sovereignty.
But a PQ without sovereignty is like a milkshake without milk, a pizza without bread or a hockey game without a puck.

It can't work.

Should the PQ abandon the sovereignty option, the core hardliners, albeit fewer and fewer, will never accept a political landscape where no political party is supporting and indeed militating for Quebec independence and so sure as shooting another iteration of  the now defunct Option nationale - Pour l'indépendance du Québec founded by Jean-Martin Aussant, a party suicidal in its pursuit of the full independence of Quebec will re-appear.
Even if there is zero chance of electoral success, hardliners will still support such a party because it is representing their core beliefs, even if that support bleeds PQ votes and helps return the Liberals to power, over and over again.

As for the PQ without sovereignty, we had a taste of what that 'progressive' government might be like in Pauline Marois' last fling at the head of a PQ 'lite' government, where the gross incompetence in just about every legislative pursuit was manifestly evident.

The political arena is crowded enough with three major parties splitting the vote and where no party is likely to win a clear majority of the popular vote. But the more parties there are, the better for the Liberals who can and do win majority governments with support in the 35% zone.
Another left-wing separatist party will just about seal the fate of those who want to see an end to the Liberal party domination.

The very best thing the PQ can do is to preserve its dignity is to retire, but like the Bloc it is likely to put the electorate through a prolonged death rattle which will last from ten to fifteen years until the old guard dies off.

The PQ can't win with sovereignty and can't survive without it, and that my friends is the long and the short of it.