Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Quebec Anglos Savagely Trashed Over Opinion Poll

The ever thin-skinned 'done-me-wrong' cadre of op-ed Francophone journalists reacted with bitterness and savage contempt towards Anglophones over an opinion poll that showed that young Anglophones are largely dissatisfied with current language relations in Quebec.

 The Leger web online poll asked young anglophones what they thought of the language situation in Quebec and while the results probably surprised nobody in our community, francophones reacted with shock at the temerity of Anglos to complain.

For most francophone intellectuals, the notion that Anglos are treated badly in Quebec is an impossibility, repeating the oft-told fantasy that Anglos are treated with kid gloves.

While anglophones are indifferent or oblivious to the poll, the French media has gone apeshit over the results which sent editorialists into a frenzy. The Journal du Montreal is running story after story of anglo angst followed by savage and mean-spirited rebuttals by op-ed journalists.
Here are the questions,  that the poll  put to the anglophones;
Are current relations between Quebec francophones and anglophones harmonious or conflictual?
  • 57 % Harmonious
  • 33 % Conflictual (Under 35 years 49 %)
  • 9 % Dunno

Have you considered living in another province?
  • 60 % Yes
  • 38 % No
  • 2 % Dunno

Do Quebec francophones make an effort to understand the realities that anglophones face?
  • 63 % No
  • 20 % Yes 
  • 17 % Dunno
Do the results surprise any of you? Not me...

The comments section were largely closed for each and every article but in those  articles that were open, readers vented in rage heaping down contempt on anglophones for daring to complain

In a nasty and sarcastic article written by Richard Martineau entitled 1-800-SAVE-AN-ANGLO, he sums up his opinion rather succinctly.
"I read the piece on the Anglos in the Journal  and their ordeal broke my heart....Boo, hoo, hoo"
"We're smothering them, crushing them, strangling them! Call in the United Nations!
Quick stop the massacre!"
According to Denise Bombardier of the Journal de Montreal who in a nasty opinion piece dripping with venom claimed that anglophones don't get jobs because they aren't sufficiently adroit in written French.
I laughed out loud when I read this considering that prospective French-language teachers flunk their written French leaving exam at a rate of 50%. Passing this exam is required in order to obtain a teaching license and so because of the massive failure rate the government allows them to take the test over and over again until they pass. If this is the case for prospective French teachers, I can only imagine the proficiency of francophone students barely making it through high school.

A few years ago a Quebec Muslim received a $15,000 award from the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal because the government agency to which he applied for a job refused to even give him an interview. It seems that after having his C/V ignored repeatedly the complainant sent in identical C/Vs with only the name changed from Arabic sounding to Francophone sounding, the latter all of which were granted an interview!
So, Ms. Bombardier, I imagine it wasn't his written French that sunk his application. Ha! Ha!
And while hard to prove, how many applications with English sounding names are passed over by Quebec employers (including the government) in favour of applications submitted by francophones?

Her article goes on to complain that anglophones refer to her hero, the father of Bill 101 Dr. Camille Laurin as a Nazi and a fascist, when in fact in her opinion, he was just an eminent psychiatrist.
All I can say is Dr. Mengele was also a physician.

Dr. Camille Laurin was a rabid Anglophobe who deliberately and dishonestly loaded Bill 101 with all sorts of unconstitutional clauses meant to incite linguistic conflict. He sold the blatant manipulation to René Levesque as a necessary stratagem to raise linguistic conflict to the boiling point, a tactic he constructed to bolster the case of sovereignty.
When those clauses were ultimately rejected by the supreme court, he portrayed it as a gross humiliation and used it to incite hatred of Canada and Anglophones. Dr. Laurin wanted Bill 101 to be as punitive as possible, not only to protect the French language and eliminate English in Quebec but more importantly to chase Anglos out of the province. Some hero.

Nope, the real reason anglophones hate Bill 101 so much is because it is tinged with contempt and hatred.

For example, for a city or town to be recognized as officially bilingual, the English minority must number 50% plus one. Yup, in order to be recognized as a minority,  the anglos have to be in the majority, an idea that is fodder for a Monty Python sketch. Even if the town council votes unanimously to communicate in English with members of their town, the province refuses to allow it.
This clause is unadulterated hatred.
To think that in Canada,  a country where 77% of its citizens are English, a province may ban the language with the tacit consent of the federal government is outrageous.

Richard Martineau also went on to remind the ungrateful Anglo bastards that;
"Permit me to remain impervious to the crocodile tears shed by Quebec anglophones. Your community is the most  pampered minority in the world."
Alas, Mr. Martineau, you are wrong.
Anglos are not the most pampered minority in the world, not even in Canada.
That would be of course francophone Quebecers, who with just 22% of the population are guaranteed one-third of the Supreme Court judges and where English Canadians in the ROC shovel about ten billion dollars of 'foreign aid' to Quebec each year. Where Radio Canada receives double the allotment it deserves demographically and where English Canadians subside bilingualism to the tune of 75%. The law provides that on a flight from Vancouver to Victoria, francophones (which make up 2% of BC's population, ) are entitled to order a seven-up in French while on a bus ride through Pointe-Claire, Quebec where perhaps 75% of riders are Anglo, the driver is not required and indeed encouraged not to offer English instructions.
When militants complain about the poor language options for minority French communities outside Quebec it would be useful to compare their situation to those of Anglophones in rural Quebec.
But the biggest concession to pampered Quebec minority is the tacit permission to terrorize English citizens from speaking their native language and living their native English culture in a country that is 77% English.
Attention Mr;. Martineau. While we may live in Quebec and we may speak French, we in no way are required to embrace French Quebec culture, no more so than francophones must embrace Canadian English culture by virtue of living in a province outside Quebec.
And no.... I don't want to listen to second-rate artists like Marie-Mai and watch lame French TV, usually poor copies of American English TV anyways.
When we are reminded to embrace the culture of the majority, I always ask....which majority is that?

All these blowhards make arguments as if Quebec is a defacto country where everyone within its borders must embrace the Quebec francophone reality, forgetting deliberately that Canada and English is the majority in Canada. I will remind these idiots of the fact that Quebec athletes wear the  Maple Leaf at the Olympics and that the Quebec flag is banned at the Olympics.
Francophones outside Quebec can listen to Marie-Mai or watch the dreadful Julie Snyder or watch the insipid Tout le Monde en Parle, no anglophone will tell them to assimilate into the majority culture of the province they live in.

To those who tell anglos that if they don't like the situation in Quebec, then they should get out, I remind them, we are not tenants, we are owners. What we do not like, we work to change.
If you do not like having anglos as co-owners, vote for sovereignty and kick us out.
I dare you.
Til then understand that our rights as  Canadians are equal to yours.

While these commentators demand that anglophone Quebecers respect the French majority in Quebec, they bridle at the notion that francophones owe the English majority in Canada the same.

So, Mr. Martineau, I shed no tears for you and your cry-baby cohorts who tell us how great and strong Quebec is while demanding special political treatment, asymmetric advantages and massive financial transfers from English Canada.
Of course, many Quebec commentators argue that it just isn't so, throwing out misleading statistics to muddy the reality of the advantages Quebec receives by remaining in Canada. 
To illustrate my point to those who bear Quebec's entrenched sense of entitlement, I always put this simple question....
In Quebec Hollywood movies are required by law to be dubbed into French, failing which the English version cannot be played. The cost of the dubbing may run up to $100,000 and so the question I put is... who should pay for it?
Should a surcharge be placed on each ticket shown in theatres showing the French version or should Canadians across the country all pay a slightly higher price to subsidize the dubbing.
I have heard all sorts of answers, some hemming and some hawing, but I have never heard a francophone say that those who watch the dubbed version should pay.

Let the English pay....

While slagging and denigrating those nasty Canayans for time immemorial, Quebec has never stopped grabbing the money like a disaffected wife who stays with her husband because the money is good.

Say what you will, the naked contempt and aggression demonstrated by these commentators underscore the reality that was laid bare by the Bonjour/ Hi controversy, that is that there remains in Quebec a latent pathological enmity towards anglophones that even the progressive francophones bear.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Good on Russia for U.S Election Interference

If Vladimir Putin ever retires and seeks another occupation, I'm sure Hollywood would come beckoning for him to play an evil antagonist in a Bond or Star Wars movie.
He so exemplifies evil, right down to his evil Mr. Burns sneer. He so fits the part because he's an easy character to hate.

And boy do the Americans ever hate him, not because he is dishonest, sneaky and underhanded as we are reminded constantly by American politicians and the American media, but rather because he is infinitely more successful at his job in advancing his country's interests than any American president he has faced.

Russia successfully ended the bloody Syrian civil war by bringing overwhelming air power to the battlefield, bombing the heck out of the opposition forces with a pragmatic view towards civilian casualties, rejecting current western philosophy where civilians casualties must be avoided at all costs. While true that civilians did die under the unremitting and sometimes haphazard bombing, it is hard to fault the Russian argument that had the war dragged on, many more civilians would be lost. In fact, in can be argued that the ruthlessness of Russian fighting tactics brought the war to a much quicker end.

Putin not only ended the war but did so on Russian terms, supplanting America as the dominant foreign power in the middle east, where even Israel now looks to Russia as the kingmaker.
The Russian air force and navy may have lacked the ultra high tech weapons of the western world, but made good use of what it has.
While NASA invented a pen that could write in the zero gravity of outer space, Russia made do with pencils. It is the Russian way of succeeding with much fewer assets that is so maddening to the Americans.

As for interfering in other countries elections, in this case, the presidential election in the USA, the only thing that is surprising is how easily it was done. Russia employed some pretty basic hacking and low-tech spoofing.
Say what you will, if Russian meddling actually worked and helped elect Donald Trump, Putin should be congratulated his geopolitical strategy, which is of course to advance Russian fortunes.

Now and for the last year, we have been bombarded with American outrage that a foreign government had the audacity and in fact the ability to interfere in the presidential election.
It is especially sweet to see the fulminations and outrage expressed by politicians like Lindsay Grahm and media types on CNN and MSNBC over the affair.

But good on Putin for teaching America a lesson, like the bully who gets his comeuppance.

How come in all the outrage, nobody is saying what is patently evident, that is the United States just got schooled at their own game.
How come nobody points out that interfering in other country's affairs is as American as apple pie, a practice that every single American president has engaged in since World War Two, including Obama who funded groups opposed to the re-election of his nemesis Bibi Netanyahu.
The State Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers grants to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last year’s Israeli parliamentary elections, a congressional investigation concluded Tuesday. Washington Post
Could you imagine the outrage if it was found that Russia funded a group that bought anti-Hillary television ads?
Why is it fine for America to interfere in other country's affairs and not so for Russia?

 The United States created the CIA expressly for the purpose of interfering in other country's business, which includes funding opposition groups of unfriendly governments on the soft side to targetted murders and outright invasions.
According to one academic, the United States interfered in about foreign 72 elections since 1945 and Russia about half as much.

As for arranging coup d'etats, the CIA had a direct hand in the overthrow of the governments of Iran in 1953, Guatemala in1954, the Congo in1960,  the Dominican Republic in 1961, South Vietnam in 1963, Brazil in1964 and Chile 1973. Link
"...given the long list of US involvement in coups and assassinations worldwide – the agency was forced to cut back on such killings after a US Senate investigation in the 1970s exposed the scale of its operations. Following the investigation, then president Gerald Ford signed in 1976 an executive order stating: “No employee of the United States government shall engage in, or conspire in, political assassination. Link
Today the CIA doesn't call their actions 'assassinations,' which would technically be illegal, but rather uses the term targetted killings.
...from aerial bombing of presidents to drone attacks on alleged terrorist leaders. Aerial bomb attempts on leaders included Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi in 1986, Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic in 1999 and Iraqi president Saddam Hussein in 2003. Link
Of course, the Russians have always favoured assassination and continue to murder 'enemies' that not only include foreign politicians but those opposed to Putin's rule.

And then there is outright invasion, a tactic used by the United States in Iraq, Panama, Grenada and Cuba, just to name a few and Russia in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and parts of the Ukraine.

So what are the lessons to be learned from Russia's interference in the presidential election?

As long as there is a capability, governments like the United States, Russia, France, Great Britain, and Israel will interfere.
The higher the capability, the more the interference.
The United States has developed the world's most potent apparatus for spying both through signals and human intelligence and is wont to make good use of its investment.
Ask any American if it was right for Russia to interfere in America's presidential election and you would get a resounding No for an answer.
Ask any American if it is right for America to interfere in Israel's election or any of the dozens of other foreign elections and you would perhaps be surprised by the answer.

The Russian presidential-election interference caper should serve as an eye-opener for all us and help Americans understand that if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

And so to America, I say...stop whining.

Most of what I've written above isn't news to those who keep up with current events but I would like to point out the media's complicity in selling the idea that somehow Russia is evil for doing what America is expert at... interference.

I watch Russian TV news, CNN, FOX and surmise that none lie, but rather shade the news by selecting stories that fit their narrative.
American media acknowledges that America is the world's biggest election interferer, but shades the story by seldom if ever running stories about it,
Don't you think it would be a great and relevant story for American media to run a feature on American interference in foreign elections?
Why hasn't it happened?

Fake news is easy to dismiss, but slanted news isn't.
Whenever you hear an American politician go apeshit over Russian election interference remind yourself that what's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Don't Fall for Exaggerated Claims of Islamophobia

It's not often that the leaders of the three major political parties in Quebec agree on anything and even stranger that I agree with them myself in rejecting the notion of a dedicated day protesting "Islamophobia"
It is utterly shameful that liberals have embraced the notion that somehow Canada and Quebec have a special problem with anti-Muslim sentiment when nothing could be further than the truth.
The self-flagellating rhetoric over perceived Islamophobia echoed and parroted by politicians and liberals is pathetically sad when one considers the facts, those pesky things that get in the way of a good narrative. The Canadian reality is completely different from that which is being foisted upon us by the Muslim pity machine and their useful idiots.
The commemoration over the deaths of six Quebecers in a Quebec city mosque would be a reasonable sign of respect had it not been hijacked and steeped in the political message that Quebec society is deeply Islamophobic and that somehow we are all responsible for what happened.

Muslims demand that we not judge their community by linking them to the daily Islamic terrorist acts that occur at an alarming rate all over the world.
That's a big ask, considering over the last 30 days Islamic terrorists launched 121 attacks in 21 countries, in which 944 people were killed and 1282 injured.
Afghan authorities have raised the death toll from Saturday's suicide bombing in Kabul to 103, as hundreds of people gathered for funerals or awaited word of loved ones outside hospitals and morgues.
The attacker, driving an ambulance filled with explosives, was able to race through a security checkpoint by saying he was transferring a patient to a hospital. The explosion damaged or destroyed dozens of shops and vehicles in the heart of the city, near government buildings.
Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak provided the updated death toll on Sunday, saying another 235 people were wounded in the attack. Link
Now the Canadian Muslim community tells us that these crimes are the actions of a few lunatics within their community and not representative.
Yet when one lunatic Quebecer murders six Muslims in a Quebec city church we are told by the same Muslim community that the crime is somehow linked to our general racism and that we as a society bear a measure of collective guilt.
And so they propose a special day to heap guilt on Quebec and Canadian society, throwing up and manipulating Muslim victims in order to make us feel guilty and somehow blunt criticism.

There seems to be a concerted effort by some in the Muslims community to smear Canadians with the Islamophobic label, so much so that they invent stories of Muslim victimization, like the outrageous story of a Muslim 11-year-old who made up a convincing story about being assaulted over her hijab. Of course, the hand-wringing liberal apologists jumped on the story, aided and abetted by an equally compliant media with nary a thought as to testing the veracity of the charge.
It took police less than a day to debunk the story, something the school and the media should have done themselves, but the story was too delicious and played into the liberal narrative that Canadians have it in for Muslims.
In the aftermath of the affair, everyone was whitewashed and the facts quickly swept under the carpet. Nobody dared ask questions as to which adult was really responsible for this outrage because certainly, it wasn't the eleven years old.
And still leftists apologists persist. The Huffington Post ran this story.
Read: The Girl Who Lied About Hijab Attack Deserves An Apology  .... Argghhh.....

Calling the girl a victim is another sad deflection, a tried and true tactic used by clever spinmeisters to alter the conversation.
And so the pity peddlers and their useful idiots are lecturing Canadians that the fake hate crime incident shouldn't take away from the 'real' bashing that Muslims suffer and that it is unfortunate that we as Canadians will be less likely to believe future claims.
Again it is our fault.

This incident is not unique. An American website, is devoted to outing these fake hate incidents which occurs much more often than one would believe.

From Statistics Canada;
"Police reported 460 hate crimes targeting religious groups in 2016, 9 fewer than in the previous year. These accounted for one-third of all hate crimes in Canada.
Following a notable increase in hate crimes against the Muslim population in 2015, police reported 20 fewer in 2016 for a total of 139. The decrease in police-reported hate crimes against Muslims was the result of fewer reported incidents in Quebec (-16), Alberta (-8) and Ontario (-6).
Similarly, after an increase in 2015, hate crimes against Catholics also decreased, from 55 to 27 in 2016. Ontario reported 16 fewer incidents, and declines were also seen in Quebec (-7) and the Atlantic provinces (-5).
In contrast, hate crimes against the Jewish population grew from 178 to 221 incidents. Increases were seen in Ontario (+31), Quebec (+11) and Manitoba (+7)." Link
Let me make it simpler. In 2016;
Canada's 1,000,000 Muslims suffered 139 hate crimes or one hate crime per 7,200 Muslims. 
Canada's 800,000 Blacks suffered 214 hate crimes or one hate crime per 3,700 Blacks.
Canada's 400,000 Jews suffered 221 hate crimes or one hate crime per 1,700 Jews.
Source...Statistics Canada. Link

It is a statistical fact that in Canada a Black person is twice as likely to be the victim of a hate crime opposed to a Muslim and a Jew almost four times as likely. In the USA, there are twice as many hate crimes directed towards Jews and Blacks, than directed against Muslims.

"The claim that the relatively small number of hate crimes can be attributed to under-reporting is implausible, given the cultural climate and plethora of media outlets eager to find evidence for Islamophobia."

So do we really need a day to decry Islamophobia when as a community they face less discrimination than other identifiable groups?
As I said, facts are pesky things and it's actually true that hate crimes against all communities in Canada are on the decline, so there's really no need to panic.

And by the way, in commemorating the terrorist deaths of the victims of the Quebec City shooting, are we not forgetting the six other Quebecers murdered by terrorists. Aren't their lives worth remembering as well? The six Quebecers were killed in Burkino Faso by Islamic terrorists while doing humanitarian work. Are their lives less important?

In Canada we are lucky, radical Islam is not a problem and other than a couple of isolated mosques in Toronto and Montreal where hateful, mostly antisemitic rhetoric is spewed, Canada's Muslim community is a pacifistic, law-abiding and a credit to our society.
The isolated anti-Muslim incidents are few and far between and are exaggerated by the media in search of a controversial story.
When a dozen idiots march in opposition to Islam it is front-page news, but by and large Muslims immigrants are lucky to arrive in such a kind and generous nation.

Exaggerated Canadian Islamophobia is an invention by Muslims with a pity agenda and their useful idiots like Justin Trudeau, a man who believes returning ISIS fighters deserve a second chance, while  expelling caucus members from his government at the first hint of sexual impropriety. It is as if calling a female "yummy" in an elevator is worse than killing and beheading in the Middle East.

I'll say it again so that apologists and their useful idiots get the point.`
Blacks and Jews suffer worse indignities in Canada than Muslims.
It is a fact that cannot be denied.

All forms of hate crimes are to be condemned, but hate crimes against Muslims are no more important than the others and we should understand that despite the din, we are being conned.

Monday, January 8, 2018

How Netflix Will Destroy Quebec Culture

There's a scene near the end of the movie Dirty Dancing, where the ageing owner of the fictional Catskill resort, waxes nostalgically about old times and the imminent changes ahead.
You and me, Tito...
It's that it all seems to be ending.
You think kids want to come with their parents
and take fox-trot lessons? 

Trips to Europe, that's what the kids want. 
Twenty-two countries in three days. 
It feels like it's all slipping away.
I can't help feeling that Quebec is undergoing such a transformation, where the old rules of established Francophone culture and conventions are being uprooted, led by, believe it or not,  the likes of streaming services like Netflix.

Anglo Canadiens are mystified at the uproar in Quebec over the Netflix deal which Ottawa made whereby the company would be left to its own devices for a $500 million dollar investment in Canadian film productions.
But in Quebec, the deal is Earth-shattering because it represents a frontal assault on the entrenched establishment of the Quebec francophone entertainment industry controlled by a few players who have a monopoly on delivering what amounts to French culture to a captive audience.

Up to recently, francophone entertainment consumers had a very restricted diet of locally produced francophone content on Radio Canada and TVA, as well as dubbed American programming also provided by these players. The small and moribund Quebec film industry is a disaster with all the excellent Quebec francophone directors following their Canadian anglophone counterparts down to Hollywood where success operates on a different level. In 2017, of all the films rated by the Régie du cinéma du Québec, only 11% were French, while 80% were English. Yikes!

What is true, is that Quebec francophone television and film is as bad as Canadian television and film, but being prisoners of language, most Quebecers are forced to make do, while Anglophones look to American produced movies and TV shows on network and cable television, as well as emerging services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.
Checking the ratings a few weeks ago, the top-rated Canadian English drama TV show was the "Indian Detective" which attracted 1.2 million viewers, while on the francophone side "District 31" pulled in 1.4 million viewers.
Considering that there are more than three times as many Anglophones as compared to francophones in Canada, it tells us that francophones are largely trapped by the language barrier, which is why Quebec television shows have ratings that tower over English shows produced in Canada.
And by the way, both the above shows are dreadful.

I laugh when out-of-touch sycophants like Mitch Garber lecture Anglophones that they should embrace francophone culture by listening to fossils like Robert Charlebois, an artist who peaked in the sixties and someone few if any francophones under thirty ever heard of.
“We are poorer for not knowing Martin Matte and Robert Charlebois.” -Mitch Garber
By the way, Charlebois' hit song back in 1968 featured this line;

"Alors chu reparti sur Québecair, Transworld, Northern, Eastern, Western, pis Pan American!
A song about six airlines that don't exist anymore. Is that somehow relevant today?

As for Martin Matte, his humour is very tribal, targetted exclusively for Quebec white, pur laine francophones and a fast talker at that, one that only the most fluent of fluent anglophones could understand.
I'm reminded of a trip to a Las Vegas convention where a few company employees and I went to a show by American Black comedian Jimmy Walker (Dy-no-mite!!!) After the show, we all remarked on how funny it was, all except the one francophone who admitted he couldn't understand a damn thing and I would classify him as being completely bilingual.

Sorry Mister Garber, French TV, which is the major media component and driver of francophone culture, is amateurish at best, but good or bad, francophones have embraced it because they had few options, and like their anglophones counterparts, only an extreme level of bilingualism can afford one the luxury of being entertained in another language.
The effect of this overwhelming exposure to local content is pronounced. Dramas take place locally and storylines reflect modern Quebec life with actors who speak the same dialect and act similarly.
It is a subtle and effective driver and moulder of insular local culture. Francophones don't necessarily watch these shows for the local flavour, but rather because it was the only game in town, but the effect is there.

And so why Netflix so dangerous?

First financially, local players have made a fortune on the backs of viewers and subsidies by Canadian taxpayers which over-contribute to the francophone side, a neat little scam that has made local Quebec production so lucrative. While generally receiving about 40% of federal subsidies for entertainment, you can imagine the rage at the Netflix deal which promises a paltry $25 million in French production against $475 million in English. The entrenched francophone media cartel wanted Netflix to contribute to the Canadian media fund from which they could grab up to 40% for local French productions.
In effect, they are demanding that an English American online content provider subsidize Quebec French productions, something that Netflix scoffed at. So Netflix got exactly what it wanted, Ottawa powerless to put up a real fight.
Quebec is powerless as well because there's not much to threaten Netflix with, short of banning the service by erecting a 'Poutine Wall.'
The manufactured debate over the fact that Netflix doesn't collect the provincial sales tax is but a red herring, meant to whip up opposition in a callous and underhanded manipulative effort to undermine its encroachment on the hitherto protected territory.
And come on, have you ever hear of a consumer lobby group demanding to pay more taxes?
Even if Quebec does impose the provincial sales tax on Netflix, it will be a trifle and I can't imagine 1% of customers cancelling their service in reaction.

But the real threat to Quebec culture is the programming that Netflix provides and this at affordable prices,  providing subscribers with the latest English programming with subtitles and more importantly, Netflix's original program which is dubbed into French. Netflix also provides a French language interface so unilingual francophones can manoeuvre through the myriad choice of programming with ease.
By the way, the dubbing that Netflix provides on its own exclusive programming is far superior to anything done in Quebec with production budgets and standards that dwarf anything Quebec media can muster. Read a fascinating account of the effort Netflix puts into dubbing. How Netflix translated “Stranger Things”
Alas, this dubbing is in Parisien French meant to cater to a worldwide audience, something that infuriates Quebec language militants to no end, exposing Quebecers to a different "French" experience as well as costing dubbing jobs in Quebec.
Aside from all this are the stories themselves, which no longer feature Quebec locales or story lines, and which are, to say the least, more compelling. The vaunted Quebec star system is complety bypassed, another nail in the coffin of Quebec culture.

As the famed Eddie Cantor warned America in a song issued after World War One about returning American soldiers;

"How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm
After they've seen Paree'
How ya gonna keep 'em away from Broadway
Jazzin around and paintin' the town
How ya gonna keep 'em away from harm, that's a mystery
They'll never want to see a rake or plough
And who the deuce can parleyvous a cow?
How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm
After they've seen Paree"
The truth is that Quebec media cannot compete with Netflix where it's original programming is more compelling than local content and which lifts Quebec francophone viewers into the major leagues. The result will transform even those unilingual francophones living in the boonies into becoming more cosmopolitan and worldly, freed from the shackles of insular local content.

For many years Quebec culture and language militants have scoffed at English Canada for being engulfed by the international anglo culture led by America. These people cherished Quebec's cultural individualness but Netflix, for better or worse, will lead francophone Quebec down that same garden path and as Max Kellerman warned us...'it's all slipping away.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Trudeau's Ethics Violation- Much Ado About Nothing

Regular readers will note that I'm not a big Justin Trudeau fan, in fact, I despise his very essence.
A phoney dilettant who lectures us with alt.liberal canned jargon with a smug superior attitude that breathes contempt for anyone who disagrees with his radical beliefs.

Trudeau is a Prime Minister without moral scruples, spending money that he doesn't have by burdening future generations with a debt load they never approved or bargained for.
In this respect, he's a chip off the old block, his father was another big spender who mortgaged Canada's future by spending money the country didn't have.

All this said I cannot hide a certain incredulity over the manufactured brouhaha over his vacation on what has become known as 'billionaire's island' a trip now found in breach of Parliamentary ethical standards.
Nobody seems to take Trudeau to task for raiding your grandchildren's legacy by borrowing billions upon billions and making them the guarantor of that debt, yet a mooched vacation is a big deal.

Usually, defecit spending is explained by a pressing need to end an economic recession or perhaps to finance a war. Such is not the case with young Justin who is borrowing and blowing billions upon billions of dollars just to keep his government popular.
Of course, his supporters tend to explain away or ignore this national theft because it is convenient, but what Trudeau and the Liberals are doing is unconscionable. It is taxation without representation because while we voted for him and his government, the unborn future generations who will be saddled with his debt certainly did not.
Deficit spending is hard for the average Canadian to oppose because the average Canadian is easily bribed with his or her own money and even more excited about being bribed with their grandchildren's money.
Since it is the holiday season let us make a Christmas analogy where we compare two fathers who treat the family finances differently.
Both families are facing a financially tough situation and the first father gathers the family around the dinner table and tells them that they will have to live with a less extravagant Christmas, where every family member will be limited to one modestly-priced present. The father explains that the family finances dictate that prudence be the rule and the future financial well-being of the family demands discipline.
The second father sees things differently and even though his family is as financially strapped as the first, he goes out and blows thousands and thousands of dollars on expensive and lavish Christmas gifts.
The children are thrilled and the father is a hero.
What the children don't know is that the deadbeat dad has taken out loans to pay for his largesse and that those loans were taken in the children's' name, unbeknownst and without their permission. It is they who will have to assume the debt once they grow up and join the workforce.
Justin Trudeau is that deadbeat dad and we should be outraged at his spendthrift behaviour, but alas we are not because we are infatuated with the Trudeau persona which blinds too many of us.

As for his ethics violation or even that of his finance minister, Bill Morneau, these are trifling distractions, small potatoes that the opposition seized upon because idiot Canadians cannot comprehend the real damage that Trudeau and company are wreaking on the finances of this country.

As for Trudeau's vacation on the island of a billionaire Arab benefactor, I couldn't care less. It is a trifle.
And by the way, what's a Prime Minister to do?
There is a Prime Ministerial retreat in Harrington Lake, but it hardly counts as a winter getaway. The Prime Minister cannot book a week at Club Med or a Carnival cruise.
Contrary to popular belief, Trudeau is not a gazillionaire as is his finance minister. The mooched vacation actually saved the government of Canada a considerable amount of money, the Aga Khan picked up most of the expenses.
As for special treatment, the Aga Khan doesn't need Canada's money, he is very rich. Any money given to his charities by Canadians is just that, what?

The opposition is playing a dirty game because they cannot make a real case against Trudeau, something that they should be able to do without employing cheap distractions.

I've come to conclude that Canadians voters are just as stupid as American voters and issues don't matter, while personality does.

For those of you enraged by Justin's trip to billionaire's island last year, take solace in that the Trudeau clan will no doubt be spending a very cold and local Christmas vacation this year. That's punishment enough for his trivial ethics violation.